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Prevent repairs and downtime for sports fields and playgrounds


    A 3D matrix bonded with nonwoven filter fabric reduces pooling water and prevents saturated turf.

    Efficient drainage

    Efficient drainage

    Install EnkaTurfdrain products, whether full-field or strip drains, for a new field or to fix an existing field problem. They channel water efficiently, with excellent flow rates, and prevents clogging by soil or aggregate. Designed specifically for sports fields, recreation fields and playgrounds.

    Better playing surface

    A field newly constructed or refurbished with effective drainage will save you money in the long run, both in labour cost and short-term maintenance. It also creates safer, better playing surfaces all year round, reducing the impact of cancelled practices or games.

    Better playing surface
    Easy to install

    Easy to install

    Once fields are properly graded for slope and consistency, Enkaturf is easy to install. Flexible, lightweight and easy to roll into place it eliminates the need for perforated drainage pipe or installing a larger diameter drain with surrounding aggregate.

    Light weight, high strength

    Enkaturf is lightweight, but very resistant to wear and abrasion. Nylon also has high tensile strength and a high heat distortion temperature. Enkaturf drains have been tested up to pressures of 10,000 psf and will not crush under the weight of construction vehicles.

    Light weight, high strength
    Other Features
    • No stretching and collapsing, continuous flow under high loads.
    • Excellent durability, will not crack, even under crushed stone.
    • Significantly reduces turf trauma, no installation couplings or fittings needed at junctions.
    • Long rolls reduce installation costs by eliminating interlocking and excessive seams.
    • Install vertically or horizontally for complete design flexibility.
    • Conforms to irregular surfaces and corners, with complete and effective coverage.
    Other Variants
    Enkaturf Drain 9320
    Enkaturf Drain 9323
    Enkadrain 9010

    Turf Drainage

    With EnkaTurf, faster water flow through synthetic channels means better safety on the field and fewer cancellations.

    technical details

    Enkaturf Drain is a strip drain commonly used in conjuction with synthetic turf. The 1” thick core is completely encased in a nonwoven geotextile fabric heat bonded to the core. Enkaturf Drain eliminates the need for perforated drainage pipes and the associated ordeal of installing the pipes. It is available in both 6" (15.24cm) and 12" (30.48cm) widths.

    Enkadrain is a full field, entangled nylon core with heat bonded nonwoven geotextile and can be seen in many types of construction, civil and recreation applications. A single 39" (99.1cm), 100 foot (30.48m) long roll covers a full 36 square yards (30.1 sq.m), has excellent compression properties and a flow rate of 185 gallons per minute per sq. foot (.09 sq.m).

    Success Stories
    How To Reduce Timeouts When Fields Flood

    How To Reduce Timeouts When Fields Flood

    Our drainage system helped a high school district keep athletic fields open for play year-round – even after heavy flooding.

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