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Enka 3D Entangled filament structures

Flexibility with resilience – our 3D entangled filaments

Designed for strength

Our 3D entangled polymer filament structure is highly useful for its resilience and ventilating properties.

Structured for easy flow

A very strong filament structure enables the flow of liquids or gases, for applications in moisture management or ventilation.

High strength at low weight

We can shape our 3D entangled filament structure to achieve high compressive strength and resilience, even at very low volume weight.

Reinforcing many materials

Our filament structure creates high compression resistance or impact strength when used as a spacer between flat fleeces, foils or films.


Used in a wide variety of applications such as shock pads for sports fields, floor sound control, roof ventilation, and root and soil stabilization.

Applications enabled by this Technology

Turf Drainage

With EnkaTurf, faster water flow through synthetic channels means better safety on the field and fewer cancellations.

Turf Protection

Protect sidelines, natural or artificial, from foot traffic damage by covering with walkable, synthetic sideline covers.

Turf Reinforcement

With synthetic mat protection, stop cancellations and protect revenue streams with healthy turf always ready for play.

Shock & Drain Pads

Shock absorption is the top safety concern for field performance. Prevent the risks and opt for safer, longer play.


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